Caring is at the heart of our brand

Although the term sustainability bears multiple connotations and leaves room for interpretation, we define it as our best efforts to ensure that our products are produced under ethical and ecological conditions. This means that we care about people as much as we care about our planet. Sustainable manufacturing isn’t just a list of criteria that we go through when assessing suppliers and manufacturers: it is a promise that we make to ourselves and everyone involved in the process that we will continuously reassess and improve all sustainability aspects along our entire value chain.

To this day, we can say with confidence that we are very proud of our products and the way they are produced. Read more about our products here.

Creating positive change is our mission

Even before founding Ora Era, we had the strong desire to build a brand that empowers people and that has a positive impact on the world. We also felt that we didn’t have to wait until we reach scale, but that we could start giving back from day one.

At Ora Era, we allocate a fixed share of all revenue and donate the funds to organizations that help alleviate social and environmental issues.

One of the organizations we chose to work with is Pencils of Promise.

Pencils of Promise builds schools and gives access to education to children in countries where the infrastructure is non-existent or insufficient. At Ora Era, we strongly believe that education has the power to transform lives for the better. It is like a seed you sow that will grow into a strong, healthy tree that even future generations can reap from. On a personal note, education played a huge role in our personal lives and we would have never been able to meet and follow our passion through Ora Era if it hadn’t been for education. With our donations we hope to enable free, quality education for less fortunate children in this world, so that they can pursue their dreams.