Ora Era

Ora Era products are loyal everyday companions that are inspired by life’s simple pleasures like spending a day at the beach, enjoying late night conversations with friends, or submerging in your favorite novel while having a cup of coffee.

We spent three years searching and establishing strong personal relationships with family-owned manufactories, which excel through their craftsmanship, limit their ecological footprint, and produce under ethical conditions. All our manufacturers produce for reputable brands, use natural and degradable materials, and create ethical working environments for their workers by paying above-average salaries, ensuring humane working hours, and providing food and housing.

You will find that we like working with earth tones, while adding a little twist with fruity colors. We only use finest, hand curated, Italian top-grain leather and natural materials such as raffia, canvas, and linen. All our products are designed from scratch in our creative design studio and go through multiple iterations until we are satisfied with the final outcome and functionality.

At Ora Era, we’re striving for continuous improvement and positive change for everyone involved in the journey, from our suppliers to the manufactories, employees, and the charities we work with. Thank you very much for supporting us in our vision and for making Ora Era, which started out as a dream, become a reality.